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Learn New Ways to Add Value to Your Organization with Focus on Lab Stewardship

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"There is a very urgent need for laboratories to establish value in the eyes of their owners. One way or another, the laboratory has to be an asset to its owner, whether through earning revenue via traditional fee-for-service or through contribution to bundled care or capitated arrangements. In either scenario, the lab is on the line to demonstrate their contribution and why it should be an essential part of that organization."

–Bob McGonnagle, Publisher, CAP Today 

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Changes in Healthcare  |  Changes in the Laboratory Market  |  Opportunities for the Lab

  • Rise of Patient Engagement
  • PAMA's Impact on Lab Reimbursements
  • Decentralized Lab Testing
  • Developing Lab Formularies
  • Establishing Lab Stewardship

and much more!

Read Orchard's White Paper, Focus on Laboratory StewardshipReach Orchard's White Paper, Focus on Laboratory Stewardship